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Customize Default Post Sorting In List View

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07 Mar 2019 • 1 min read • The Loomly Team

Customize Default Post Sorting In List View

Yes! You can now set persistent default post sorting preferences for List View in Loomly 3.0 ????

So far, in List View, posts were displayed by default in chronological order, i.e. the most ancient at the top, and the most recent at the bottom.

You could — and still can — sort posts differently by clicking on the header of the date column, but the effect was ephemeral:

Customize default post order list view column header sorting

Now, you can set the default order of your posts in List View to Ascending or Descending: the latter lets you display posts in reverse-chronological order, i.e. the most recent first.

This can be achieved, for each calendar, from the Options tab of the Settings page:

Customize Default Post Sorting In List View

????Login to your account to set things up ????

You asked, we listened: happy sorting ????

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