Loomly offers native scheduling features for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & LinkedIn. If your question is related to an Instagram post, please see the next question (below).

Otherwise, before anything else, make sure you did select a scheduling option (either "Schedule with Loomly" or "Schedule with Buffer") in the Publishing tab of your Calendar Settings. Then, make sure your connected your social media accounts to your calendar, and double-check that your connections did not expire — if they did, please click the corresponding "Reconnect" buttons. Last but not least, verify that your posts were actually scheduled (i.e. their status is "Scheduled" and not "Draft", "Pending Approval" or "Approved").

If Loomly still does not publish your posts once all the above has been done, then please reach out to us at support@loomly.com.

Currently, Loomly integrates with Buffer. If you are using another social media management / scheduling solution, and you believe it could work well with Loomly, please send us an email at contact@loomly.com.

Absolutely! You can promote your Facebook posts directly in Loomly. Post Sponsoring is already available to all Loomly users & customers: login here and check it out now.

Loomly will natively support automated publishing to Instagram soon. Until then, we use a third-party integration to enable you to auto-publish single-image posts from Loomly. All other formats — videos & multiple images — will be managed with reminders from Loomly.