Top Questions

You can create a calendar from your dashboard or by clicking here. For a step-by-step tutorial, check out our tutorials.
Loomly does offer native scheduling features. However, depending on the workflow (Original, Lite, Zero) and the publishing method (Native, Buffer, No publishing) you select in each calendar settings, your posts will get published automatically for your or will require action on your side.
Hootsuite is an amazing social media management solution, which allows you (among many other things) to monitor, moderate and analyze your social media accounts. Loomly, on the other hand, focuses on helping you create, manage and distribute your social media content. We do not see Loomly as an alternative solution to Hootsuite, but rather as a complementary tool. We are even looking to integrate Hootsuite with Loomly, so you can send content from Loomly to Hoosuite, just like you already can with Buffer.
We offer different plans, for different needs. Each plan includes a specific number of users and a specific number of social accounts you can connect to Loomly. You can either subscribe on a monthly or annual basis (and save money with the latter). Check out our pricing page for more information.
At the moment, Loomly allows you to connect up to six social media accounts per calendar, one for each platform we currently support: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & LinkedIn. Note however that you can create as many calendars as you want under one Loomly account.
Loomly does allow you to connect and publish posts to all Facebook Pages you manage. If your calendar is connected to your Facebook Profile, simply visit the Settings Page of your calendar, remove your Facebook connection, add it again, and when prompted, from the dropdown menu, select the Facebook Page you want to connect to this particular calendar.
If not all of your Facebook Pages appear available, it's usually because you have not granted Loomly all permissions necessary when prompted by Facebook to do so. You can simply visit the Settings Page of your calendar, remove your Facebook connection, add it again, and make sure you accept all permissions when requested by Facebook.
Loomly automatically connects to the Instagram account you are logged in with in your internet browser. If you connected the wrong Instagram account to one of your calendars, you can fix that by visiting Instagram.com, logging out of your current Instagram account, logging in with the other Instagram account you want to connect to Loomly and go back to Loomly to connect the correct Instagram account to Loomly.

Loomly will natively support automated publishing to Instagram soon. Until then, we use a third-party integration to enable you to auto-publish single-image posts from Loomly. All other formats — videos & multiple images — will be managed with reminders from Loomly.

Yes you can! Loomly Interactions lets you manage comments, replies, mentions, and messages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.