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Join us today

At Loomly, we are making the job — and the life — of marketing teams a little bit easier. We’re building a great crew to keep pushing the envelope, every day. We’re going to great places. Come join us today!

Where we are going

At Loomly, we are empowering marketing teams to build successful brands online. This journey started with developing the content planning solution on the market. Now, the real fun begins. Join our small, fast-growing team and see what is next.

What we offer

We are a US company and we are building our core team here in Los Angeles, California. For you, that means: awesome teammates, work/life balance & meaningful work. Along with a competitive package and cool perks, of course.

Who we’re looking for

We’re building a team to bring our vision to life around these core values:


We are in this for the long haul, and we are looking for talents who share our ambition of creating a sustainable company.


There is nothing we admire more than people who own their projects, take responsibility for their mistakes and appear consistently reliable.


We are a startup and our main focus is on social media: few work environments require more adaptability and flexibility than this one.


If you are the kind of person who shows up and "ships" work day in, day out, then you may very well be a great fit for our team.


Poking around and learning new things is part of your job description. No matter what your position or your level of expertise is.


Last but not least, maintaining a pleasant work atmosphere for the entire team is "numero uno" on our priority list: warning, this is a ego-free area.

Why you should join us

No Cubicle

You are not expected to come to the office every day from 9 to 5, just for the sake of being present. And you are not expected to work remotely 100% of the time either. Whether you want to meet the team in the office or focus on a project at home, you decide what makes the most sense: that's our hybrid approach to work.

Awesome Teammates

When your coworkers have different backgrounds, they can teach you different perspectives. Both at work and outside of work. That's what you get here at Loomly.

Work/Life Balance

The quality of the work you deliver matters way more than the number of hours you put in. So you can enjoy a flexible schedule and spend your free time when you need it most.

Meaningful Work

Being part of a young and small company has its perks: there is room for initiative, plus what you do really has an impact on the product, the customers and the bottom line.

Kick-ass Tools

Getting the right tools for the job makes a huge difference. Hardware, software, services: as long as we can afford it, we pay for it. You just need to choose it.

Compensation with Benefits

For every position at the company, we offer a salary within the Top 10% of the industry, for your skills and level of experience.

Healthy Coverage

We pay for 99% of your health insurance (Gold Tier Plan), and 75% of your dental and vision insurance, based on our current corporate plan.

Planned Retirement

Loomly offers a 401(k) retirement plan to all employees based in the United States. Currently, no contribution match is available. We are looking to add this in the future

Surprise Perks

If we told you, it would not be a surprise anymore. All you need to know is that we will take good care of you. Come see for yourself.

Current Openings at Loomly

Senior Software Engineer

Customer Success
Customer Success Manager