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Scale social media across all locations

Maintain brand consistency while empowering creativity across all the social media accounts of your franchises’s associated locations.

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Social Media Content Planning

Keep your brand content consistent across all locations

Separate locations into different calendars, oversee all content in your dashboard, and create quality posts that can be cloned seamlessly to multiple content calendars at once.

  • Use post templates to keep content consistent and easily repurposed
  • Use custom post labels to organize campaigns or location-based content
  • Prevent misposting with separate calendars for each location and review all upcoming posts across all locations in your dashboard

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I love that Loomly lets me schedule everything as a one-stop shop for my Frontier’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest Pages. Then easily customize posts.

Tanya Troska, President of Back2Basics, LLC - Digital Marketing Solutions

Social Media Collaboration & Approval Workflows

Maintain brand standards

Create custom approval workflows and preview posts ahead of time to reduce turnaround times and unnecessary email back-and-forths.

  • Invite multiple collaborators to review each post
  • See real-time post mockups and preview your Instagram grid for posts and Reels
  • Centralize your feedback in Loomly and track comment logs

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We have multiple locations that sometimes use similar content, and I can create a post and then duplicate it right onto that calendar so I don't have to recreate content.

Iris Sparrow, Creative Director, Community Manager, and Head of Expansion at Pole and Dance Studios

Social Media Content Calendar & Library

Balance content across all locations

Store your brand assets in Loomly's Content Library to provide easy access for all of your social media channels and then clone posts to other calendars for quick scheduling

  • Add labels to assets to track campaigns and location-specific media
  • Streamline the process of managing your digital assets by accessing millions of royalty-free images from Unsplash, exporting designs from Canva, and importing brand-approved visuals from Google Drive
  • Edit images and videos to match each social media channel or location using Loomly Studio

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We have started introducing Loomly to more employees, which allows us to broaden our posting, while also making sure that we can keep within our brand guidelines.

Josh Halper, Marketing Specialist at Top Ten Liquors

Social Media Content Inspiration

Outsource post ideas to Loomly

Loomly provides daily post ideas based on social media holidays and custom RSS feeds, plus allows you to add custom post ideas for each location.

  • Create posts from RSS feeds across all your locations
  • Keep a pulse on topical social media holidays and events that your locations can take advantage of - Pi Day for example!
  • Store custom brand hashtags in the Loomly Hashtag Manager to maintain consistency across all locations

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The templates feature makes it a breeze to set up posts with similar or recurring formats.

Tom Wood, Music Producer at Lofi Cafe Records

Social Media Community Management

Answer every message

Make sure all of your locations are quick to respond to incoming conversations and are able to build meaningful connections with your leads and customers.

  • Scale your community growth and maintain brand standards
  • Assign conversations to different members of the team for quick resolution
  • Use saved replies to commonly asked questions to speed up response time AND enforce brand messaging

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With a single glance you can see all the past and future posts to easily plan for future events. All your engagement is in one place so you can reply to every comment! I love it!

Tom Towell, Community Manager at NormalVR

Social Media Analytics & Reports

Measure social media growth for every location

Track every location’s social media in real-time, from audience growth to post reach and engagement. Plus, review campaign performance to improve your strategy.

  • Review analytics for all posts including those not created in Loomly
  • Schedule weekly and monthly reports to be automatically sent to managers and core stakeholders
  • Track clicks, sources, and locations using Loomly’s link shortener and adding UTM parameters

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Each channel has its unique nuances so being able to adjust the content for each channel in one place is nice. Loomly is easy to use and has a lot of features, including metrics packed in.

Sara Brisky, Co-Owner & Business Operations at Brisky Homes

Built for brands, lovedheart iconby teams and everyone in between!
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  • I love how Loomly is so simple and clean-looking. It is also easy to share content with your clients for approvals!
    Amanda Hollenbeck
    Social Media Director, George J. Keller & Sons
  • Loomly's scheduling works great. And I love that I can have a lot of profiles, multi-users, and sign-off processes. All for more but less costly than Sprout Social.
    Chris Derrer
    Founder & Managing Director, Super Digital
  • I like Loomly because I can customize each of my social media accounts separately while working in the same post so I don't have to build multiple posts.
    Roger Bradley
    Licensed Real Estate Professional, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Beach Properties of Florida
  • I love that Loomly has multiple options for scheduling and review or content. Also, the ability to post to multiple platforms and easily customize the content for each platform is a game changer.
    Rachael N. Turner
    Executive Director, Rosemint Inc.

Customer Stories

See why over 50,000 customers choose Loomly.

07 Feb 2024 •

Be My Social Case Study

Watch this video featuring Be My Social’s Digital Marketing Manager, Kai Savage, as he discusses the significant impact of Loomly on their day-to-day operations. 

Social media accounts: 35
Users: 14
$1,572 total a year
$2,100 total a year
  • Interactions
  • Scheduled reports
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Content Export
  • Hashtag Manager
  • Slack & Teams
  • Post Preview & Optimization tips
  • Custom roles & Workflows

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