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#Loomly — New Features

Loomly News

25 May 2016 • 1 min read • The loomly team

#Loomly — New Features

Since our first major update — and before our next important one in the next few weeks — we have been working consistently at improving Loomly based on your feedback.

Today, we are happy to share some of these improvements with you:

  • Dropdown menu to access your calendars faster: you can now switch between calendars without going back to your dashboard, thanks to a dropdown menu available in your list view and your calendar view.

calendy new features dropdown menu

  • Search: you can now search the content of your calendars, i.e. your posts and ads, from anywhere inside the app:

calendy new features search

  • Link to mockups: in your list view, simply click on a social channel icon to land directly on the preview of your post for this particular channel.

calendy new features direct link to mockup

  • Inline date update: when you create or update a post, changing the date is now easier, with an inline date & time picker.

calendy new features inline date update

  • Choose which calendars you want to pay for: not all calendars are created equals, as some may serve testing purposes while other are real-life project management tools. When you subscribe to Loomly, you can decide which calendars you want to pay for, and which one should remain in view-only mode (and therefore remain free).

calendy new features choose paid calendars

  • Transfer ownership: if for some reasons, you need another user to become owner of one of your calendars, this is now possible.

calendy new features transfer ownership

… and two more things:

  • Post ideas: when you create a post, we whistle some inspiration in your ear. Whether it’s Mother’s Day, the Superbowl or a great music festival, we should have something for you.

calendy new features post ideas

  • Post tips: also when you create a post, we are now offering you some tips, to help you make your awesome content even more awesome.

calendy new features post tips

We hope you will love these new additions to Loomly.

Thank you you so much to all of you who have been kind enough to test the software and let us know how we could make it better 🙂

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