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#Loomly — Discover Your Brand New Post Builder

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25 Jan 2017 • 1 min read • The loomly team

#Loomly — Discover Your Brand New Post Builder

Editor’s Note: The Post Builder was updated in February 2024. Please check out this blog post for detailed updates.

Today, we are extremely happy to introduce a brand new post builder in Loomly:

Loomly new post builder

We completely redesigned this part of the app, allowing you to create posts faster, thanks to a guided, five-step process:

1/ Set post details:

Loomly new post builder set post details

  • Time is set by default to one hour in the future, so your post does not “expire” before you complete your creation process.
  • You can select a post idea and automatically populate the subject field of your post with the title of this post idea.

2/ Select social channels:

Loomly new post builder select social channels

  • It’s easier than ever to select the channels where you want to publish your post.

3/ Define generic content:

Loomly new post builder define generic content

  • As usual, you can select a format, define a copy and upload an image for your post.
  • A new character counter lets you know how long your copy is (more on this in the next section).

4/ Fine-tune content for each channel:

Loomly new post builder fine-tune for each channel

  • You see a preview of your post for each channel right when you create it, and you can update it in real-time.
  • A Twitter counter alerts you when your copy exceeds 140 characters and invites you to shorten it.
  • Post analysis is more visible and actionnable, with feedback items displayed right under each post preview and automatically sorted from red to green.

5/ Create your post:

Loomly new post builder create your post

  • Just like before, you can save your post as a draft or submit it for approval.
  • Most importantly, you can also schedule your post directly, which is particularly useful when A. you don’t need approval or B. you are in a hurry.
  • A fourth option is coming soon…

This new post builder is the result of all your constructive feedback: we could not be more grateful for your help, your patience and your kindness in this adventure.

And we look forward to keeping improving Loomly for you and with you.

Thank you so much,

The Loomly Team.

“Oh, And One More Thing”: now, you can also duplicate your posts — both from the list view and the post pages — and either republish them or customize them. Enjoy!

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