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#Update — Publish Animated GIFs to Facebook & Instagram

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25 Oct 2017 • 1 min read • The loomly team

#Update — Publish Animated GIFs to Facebook & Instagram

Sometimes, a seemingly small feature can make a surprisingly big difference… that’s the kind of update we tend to think we are announcing today: Loomly now allows you to publish animated GIFs to Facebook & Instagram.

So far, you were able to upload animated GIF files to Loomly but these were not accepted by the Facebook (Page) & Instagram APIs: you could either publish these “as is” and they would end up as non-animated on your social accounts, or upload MP4 files instead, specifically for these two platforms, which also implied some kind of manual conversion on your end.

Now, Loomly will do the heavy lifting for you: just upload an animated GIF to Post Builder and, if you selected either Facebook or Instagram as channels for your post, then your file will automatically get converted to MP4, and get published as a video.

Publish Animated GIFs to Facebook & Instagram With Loomly Post Builder Demo

Note: on all other channels, namely Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ & LinkedIn, your original animated GIF file will get published as expected.

Then, you may ask: what about the famous 3-second minimum duration for videos on Instagram?

Well, if the MP4 video resulting from the conversion of your animated GIF is shorter than that threshold, then Loomly will automatically loop it for you until the 3-second requirement is met.

In other words: you can now focus on finding awesome animated GIFs your audience will love, and Loomly will take care of the rest for you.

As always, this is a feature inspired by your feedback: thank you so much for your amazing support and your incredible enthusiasm.

(A lot) more is coming: stay tuned!

The Loomly Team.

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