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Buffer Integration Sunset


22 Oct 2019 • 2 min read •

Austin Shong

TL;DR: the Loomly x Buffer integration will sunset in the morning of October 31st, 2019 (Pacific Time).

Manage all your social media accounts in one place.

Craft, schedule, & auto-post content to all your social channels, then track analytics and manage interactions from a single, easy-to-use dashboard.

Looking Back At A Shared History

Loomly was first integrated with Buffer in March 2016.

Back then, Loomly was a very simple application providing content creation & approval features: integrating with a robust social media scheduler like Buffer was making a lot of sense, as it was allowing Loomly users to go one step further in the content publishing process.

Since May 2017, this integration between Loomly & Buffer has also been allowing some of you to schedule single-image posts to Instagram.

Going Separate Ways

Over the years, thanks to the incredible feedback you have so kindly been whistling in our ears, Loomly has evolved into the full-fledged Brand Success Platform you all know and love today.

As part of this process, we have been developing features such as Native Publishing, Interactions & Advanced Analyticswhich overlap with Buffer’s core offering.

On October 16, 2019 we received the following email from Buffer’s CTO Dan Farrelly:

Hi there,

I’m writing to you today to share some changes we are making to the Buffer API that will impact Loomly.

In the coming days, we plan on limiting third party usage of the Buffer API in order to protect the relationships we have with our social network partners. Having reviewed usage of the Buffer API and the commitments we’ve made to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, we’ve determined that we can no longer permit certain usage of the Buffer API, especially when the posting goes beyond the stated agreements we have with the social networks.

After an audit of existing API integrations, we’ve chosen to revoke access to third-party tools that provide similar functionality to Buffer’s core product, i.e. scheduling social media posts directly via social network APIs. These products can no longer utilize the Buffer API.

As part of this change, we will suspend Loomly’s access to the Buffer API on Monday, October 21, at 5:00 p.m. ET.

I understand this may be a surprise and cause a disruption for your product. My colleague Kevan Lee, our VP of Marketing, is cc’d, and we are available to answer any questions concerning these changes.

Dan Farrelly
CTO, Buffer

In order to provide you with the smoothest possible transition, we have asked the Buffer team if they would extend the deadline until November 1st, 2019 which they have kindly accepted.

Everyone in the Loomly Team is wishing Buffer and the Buffer Team the best for the future.

What To Do From Here

If you are like most Loomly users, and do not use the Loomly x Buffer integration, you are not going to be affected by this change: you can simply ignore this update.

If you are part of the minority of Loomly users who are using the Loomly x Buffer integration, then you will be able to schedule and publish posts through Buffer until the morning of October 31st, 2019 (Pacific Time).

Past that time:

  • Your calendars currently set to use the “Schedule with Buffer” publishing method will automatically switch to “Schedule with Loomly”.
  • Your calendars currently set to use “Buffer for Instagram” will automatically switch to “Instagram reminders”.

In order to make this change as smooth as possible for your publishing workflow, we recommend that you visit the Social Accounts tab of your calendars, as follows:

  • Select the “Schedule with Loomly” publishing method by clicking on the “change” link at the top of the page:

  • And/or remove the “Buffer for Instagram” connection from your list of active connections:

Loomly Buffer Integration Sunset Remove Connection

As Always…

If you have any questions about any of the above — or anything else, of course — please feel free to contact us at

The entire Loomly team is working hard on bringing you some exciting new features in the coming weeks: stay tuned.

Thank you so much for your extraordinary support.


The Loomly Team.

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