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Impulse Buying Definition

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19 Nov 2019 • 1 min read • Austin shong

Impulse Buying Definition

What is Impulse Buying?

Impulse buying definition: impulse buying is the decision to purchase a product or service without originally planning to.

Impulse buying is usually an emotional decision that is triggered by a number of different stimuli, including:

  • Seeing the product
  • Hearing a good sales pitch
  • Reading positive reviews
  • Feeling a certain way

Impulse buying can happen no matter what the product or price point is; from chocolate and cruises to newspapers and necklaces.

For example:

  • You go out shopping for a new pair of sneakers.
  • You find a pair you like, try them on and decide to buy them.
  • On the way to the register, you see a t-shirt that will match perfectly.
  • You decide to buy the t-shirt too.

This would be an impulse buy.

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