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Introducing Instagram Carousel Direct Publishing

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14 Oct 2022 • 1 min read •

The Loomly Team

The Loomly Team is excited to announce full support for Instagram Carousel Direct Publishing!

That means you can now craft, schedule, and auto-post Instagram carousels with up to 10 images AND videos in Loomly. 🥳

A GIF of Loomly's post builder workflow. The user is adding and scrolling through images and videos as part of an Instagram Carousel post.

Click here for a comprehensive guide on how to schedule Instagram carousels with Loomly, including all specifications, limits and requirements.

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What are Instagram carousels?

A carousel is a slideshow of images and/or videos that your audience can control manually by clicking (desktop) or swiping (mobile). This example of a “how it’s made” post shows how mixing an image with a video can tell the story of your product or service in more depth:

Why should you use carousels on Instagram?

Instagram carousels are an ideal format for step-by-step guide instructions, new product releases, customer reviews, brand storytelling, photo dumps, and more – especially when you combine photos and videos in a single post.

Allowing your audience to swipe back and forth on a variety of media allows them to consume it at their pace, and lets you to tell a more complete story than a single still image.

The best part? They generate significantly higher engagement rates. Here are a few key insights from a recent study by Socialinsider:

  • About 20% of Instagram posts are Carousels, surpassing videos in 2019.
  • Carousels are the most engaging Instagram posts, also surpassing videos in recent years.
  • When posts use the maximum of ten images/videos, the average engagement rate exceeds 2%.
  • Posts with “swipe left” in the caption brings average engagement rate from 1.83% to 2%.

Carousels that mix images with videos bring the highest engagement rate per post, at 2.33%.

Average engagement rate per type of Instagram carousel

Learn everything you need to know about Instagram publishing with Loomly here.

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