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Loomly Success Stories: Be My Social

Social Media

11 Oct 2022 • 4 min read •

The Loomly Team

In this Loomly Success Story, we spoke with Kai Savage, Digital Marketing Manager at Be My Social, a social media and digital marketing agency based in Doncaster, United Kingdom. 

Be My Social was launched in early 2020, and they’ve been using Loomly as their social media management platform right from the start. Social media marketing is their bread and butter, and they strive to serve each client with a personal touch.

Here’s their story!

Manage all your social media accounts in one place.

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Why did Be My Social choose Loomly over other social media management options? 

“When I joined Be My Social, we reviewed Loomly and competitors like Hootsuite and Falcon/Brandwatch to see how it compared to the competition. We had grown significantly, from just one client to 30-40 at that point, so, as we scaled, we had to ensure Loomly was the best fit for our business from both a cost and feature perspective.”

“For every metric we measured against, we always came back to Loomly being the better option.”

“It was more cost-effective and provided the tools we were looking for. Your price packaging and ability to easily add new social accounts make it very easy for us to scale.”

Which Loomly feature helps you and your clients the most day-to-day?

“The ability to get on-demand analytics data that is really simple and easy to read. Rather than having to extract bits from here and there, you can show clients exactly what you’re looking at on the platform, and it makes sense to them.

So, instead of far too many numbers that are unorganized, Loomly has really nice easy-to-use and easy-to-read analytics that includes everything that the native [social media] platforms have as well.”

Loomly’s Analytics has been a great tool for us. It’s given us the ability to keep our clients loyal because they can see the work that we do.

“That’s a big struggle sometimes with social media – having the tangibility of “what is this actually giving me”. Having those analytics reports that you can export as well just makes things so much easier.”

How has Loomly saved you time and improved your process? 

“Loomly has saved us about 2.5 hours per day for each of our employees vs. doing things manually. Having the communication tools within Loomly saves us at least an hour a day instead of emailing clients back-and-forth… and the ability to build posts and make variations all within Loomly also saves us at least an hour a day as well. 

When you’re just a one-person operation that may not seem like a lot, but once you scale to the 20-employee range that Be My Social is in now, that really does start to add up quite a lot. It could be the difference between having an extra 1-2 people to the team.”

How do you collaborate with clients using Loomly? 

“About 90% of our social media clients interact with us directly through Loomly. We have yet to get any negative feedback in any way – it’s been really positive overall.

We originally used Loomly without using the collaboration features of the platform – at the start we were using Excel drops because that’s what we had been doing. The difference between then and now is black and white – the time savings is unbelievable when you have everything in one place and you don’t have to bounce between 25 tabs on your screen.”

“Clients have mentioned that it was far more complicated and time-consuming to work with other agencies who didn’t use Loomly. Since they’ve come to us, they’ve saved loads of time.”

“The best part is that it’s simple and easy for clients who aren’t as tech-savvy to understand. We have yet to have any issues with clients using the platform – we offer a demo during onboarding, and within half an hour our clients understand how to use it.”

What client feedback have you gotten about Loomly?

“We’ve gotten a good amount of positive feedback about Loomly. Our clients have direct access to the platform, and we’re using custom branding to our advantage as well. So, the Be My Social logo is in the portal, and it’s a nice consistent experience for our clients because they can see one brand across the board, even though they know they’re aware they’re using Loomly.

One thing we’ve heard repeatedly is that Loomly is just simple. There’s not too many expectations from a client. One thing that’s allowed us to do that is the ability to customize user roles – you can choose what users can and cannot see on the platform.

We can take away some of the stuff that would be difficult for clients to understand or quantify, and instead they get an easy experience with only what they need to see, and they can simply approve the content. It takes so little time out of their day.”

What advice would you give to other growing social media marketing agencies?

“Don’t be scared of change. One thing I’ve seen a lot is that when there’s major changes to the way social platforms work, people get scared and say ‘What am I going to do with that – how am I possibly going to change my content?’ 

Content is quite fluid… When you look at it, it’s actually small adjustments over time anyway. If you look back at your content a year ago, you’ll realize what you’re producing today is totally different. So, don’t be scared of those changes, especially shifting toward video content… It just takes practice.”

What’s a social media marketing tip that you wish you knew earlier in your career?

“Social media is a numbers game, but don’t sacrifice quality for quantity. Nowadays people are throwing content out there without much behind it. Losing that quality may get you more likes/reach, but your engagement rate will absolutely tank.”

In which social media platform do you see the most opportunity for you and your clients over the next 2-3 years? 

“I think Instagram is still going to be one of the main players for growth. Although it changes quite often with new features, that can be scary, but that just means it’s staying ahead of the game, and it’s keeping its user base and engagement as a result.”

What’s your favorite brand to follow on social media? Who’s killing it nowadays? 

Ryanair. They’ve cut loose from the corporate environment and they said let’s just have fun with this. As soon as they let loose, they started getting a bigger following. They’re definitely one to look at as an example, especially for video content.”

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