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Introducing: Loomly x Snapchat Integration

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21 Oct 2020 • 1 min read •

The Loomly Team

Today, we are happy to introduce this brand-new Loomly x Snapchat integration.

This integration, which takes advantage of both the web & mobile versions of Loomly allows you to create, preview, approve and share posts from Loomly to Snapchat.

Note: you need to download the latest version of Loomly for iOS or Android to use this feature as outlined below.

In order to get started with this new feature in a calendar:

  • Visit the Social Accounts tab of your calendar Settings page and click on the green Connect button on the Snapchat row:
Loomly Snapchat Integration Calendar Settings
  • You will be redirected to a Snapchat page to authenticate with the Snapchat account you want to connect to your calendar:
Loomly Snapchat Integration OAuth Page


  • Once your account is successfully connected to your calendar, you can go to Post Builder and create your first Snapchat post, by selecting Snapchat as a channel in Step 2:
Loomly Snapchat Integration Post Builder Step 2 Select Channel
  • Once you have defined the generic content of your post, you can preview and adjust the Snapchat version in the Fine-Tuning panel:
Loomly Snapchat Integration Post Builder Step 4 Fine-Tune Content


  • Upon saving your post, you are redirected to Post View, where you can preview your Snapchat post, and let your team comment on it and approve it:
Loomly Snapchat Integration Post View
  • When it’s time to publish your post, you receive a notifications — email, push, Slack and/or Microsoft Teams according to your Notifications Preferences — letting you open the post in the Loomly iOS or Android app on your smartphone, and share it to Snapchat:
Loomly Snapchat Integration Push Notification Reminder
  • Clicking on Publish To Snapchat within the Loomly mobile app opens your post into the Snapchat mobile app for publishing, loading your video or photos automatically:


  • In the next step, you can Paste the copy of your post, which has been automatically saved to the clipboard of your smartphone, and hit Send To:
  • That’s it: your post is live!

This new Loomly x Snapchat integration is available to all Loomly users: start creating Snapchat posts now.

As always, thank you very much to all of you for your incredible support: you are the best customers we could ever wish.

Better days are on the way: until then, stay safe and take care.

The Loomly Team

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