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Brand Personality Definition

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08 Oct 2019 • 1 min read • Austin Shong

Brand Personality Definition

What is Brand Personality?

Brand personality definition: brand personality refers to the relatable human characteristics of a brand.

Brand personality is typically expressed through the adjectives a brand’s target audience would use to describe themselves.

For example:

  • Harley Davidson: rebellious, rugged, adventurous
  • Apple: cool, tech-savvy, non-conformist
  • Rolls Royce: luxury, tasteful, charming
  • Innocent Smoothies: fun, healthy, easy-going
  • Red Bull: exciting, daredevil, high-octane

These attributes can become associated with a brand in many different ways, but most commonly through:

  • Advertising materials
  • Brand messaging
  • Brand imagery
  • Content marketing
  • Partnerships
  • Public relations

For example:

Red Bull has curated its exciting, high-octane, daredevil image through:

  • Brand imagery: use of color, typography and video elements
  • Content marketing: use of extreme sports videos and images
  • Partnerships: like their string of Red Bull soccer teams
  • Sponsorships: like the major gaming events and leagues

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