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#Loomly — Update: Manage Your Notifications With Email Digests

Loomly News

14 Mar 2017 • 1 min read •

The Loomly Team

So far, Loomly was sending you instant notifications whenever something was happening inside your account.

Today, we are pleased to introduce some brand new settings that allow you to choose when you want to receive notifications:

  • As they happen: our default settings, which keep sending instant notifications as usual.
  • Once per hour: an hourly email digest that compiles all the notifications from the past hour in a single email.
  • Once a day: a daily email digest that compiles all the notifications from the past day in a single email.
  • Once a week: a weekly email digest that compiles all the notifications from the past week in a single email.
  • Never: deactivate all emails if you prefer consuming notifications directly on your Loomly Dashboard.

Loomly Update Manage Your Notifications With Email Digests Settings Demo

You can apply the above settings independently to each kind of notification Loomly sends: post status change, assignment, comment, etc.

And, of course, you can set different preferences for each of your calendar, and each user of a calendar can define his or her own settings.

These new email notification preferences are available directly inside your Account, in a brand new Notifications tab.

Once again, this is a feature that was inspired by your amazing and constructive feedback: thank you so much for your ongoing support and enthusiasm.

You are simply the best community we could dream of and we can’t wait to show you what’s next this month… stay tuned!

The Loomly Team.

Bonus: since we are talking about updates, we just increased the video upload limit from 30MB to 200MB, so you can now schedule posts with larger media files 😉

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