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Loomly Success Stories: Hope Harbour

Hope Harbour

Success Stories

13 May 2024 • 2 min read •

Rene Cheng

In this Loomly Success Story, we learned about the social media success journey of Monica Luker, the Resource Development and Marketing Manager at non-profit organization Hope Harbour

Founded in January 1979 in Columbus, Georgia, Hope Habour was originally known as the Columbus Alliance for Battered Women. In 2005, the name changed to Hope Harbour, embodying its mission to provide services such as emergency shelter, safety, crisis intervention, and advocacy for both adults and children affected by domestic violence. 

Hope Harbour has helped over 1,000 women and children find safety and support. The organization has also assisted thousands of victims through referrals and crisis line calls.

In just over a year of using Loomly, Hope Harbour has expanded its reach and increased follower count across all of its social media channels.

Read on to learn more about Hope Harbour’s story.

How did Loomly help you solve your biggest challenges and pain points with managing social media?

“I’ve been working with Loomly now for just over a year. Some of the biggest challenges that Loomly allows me to overcome is having multiple accounts and different goals that I have personally set for myself on each of the platforms.

You can imagine that your posts and your content would be different based on the platform and the audience that’s going to be listening to or reading your information. Loomly makes it very easy to have things streamlined across multiple platforms.

💡Loomly Tip: Loomly’s Post Builder allows you to craft tailored posts for different social media platforms. You can also leverage Loomly Studio to edit your visual assets and make sure they fit the specific ratio requirements of each platform.


What is your favorite Loomly feature and how has it helped you achieve success?

“Probably one of my favorite features of Loomly is the calendar. With these calendars, I can have multiple calendars that are dedicated to each of our social accounts, maybe around a fundraiser or a specific event we have going on.

Having a calendar or being able to have multiple calendars helps to keep me organized and on top of my goals with our social media.

💡Loomly Tip: Loomly allows you to create multiple calendars for every brand, project, and client at no additional cost. Easily store visual assets in each calendar to speed up your content planning and scheduling process. 

Are there any positive or measurable results that you’ve achieved since using Loomly?

“We’ve gained more followers, we’ve had more interactions [on social posts], and we’ve really been able to diversify our overall outreach.” 

💡 Loomly Tip: Loomly’s Advanced Analytics provides you with real-time insights into your social media metrics on both the post level and account level. You can also compare your results by weeks or months to see your growth!

What is one hidden gem or unique tip you’ve discovered while using Loomly that you think would benefit other customers?  

“I don’t even call it a gem, I just think it might be something people don’t understand: Loomly is such a user-friendly software program that literally anybody can do it. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been working in marketing for years or a month.

 Loomly has done a really great job of making things streamlined and easy.

💡 Loomly Tip: Tap into Loomly’s tips and tricks by subscribing to our newsletter or YouTube channel for social media related courses!

Wrap up

Learn more about Hope Harbour’s mission by visiting their website

Alternatively, you can also find them on social media: 

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