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Loomly Success Stories: Plant With Purpose

Plant With Purpose

Success Stories

30 Apr 2024 • 3 min read •

Rene Cheng

In this Loomly Success Story, we had the pleasure of speaking with Philippe Lazaro, Communications Manager and Storyteller at Plant With Purpose, a non-profit based in San Diego, California. 

Plant With Purpose was founded in 1984 after the Founder, Tom Woodard, recognized a link between deforestation and rural poverty. To help their organization reach more people, the team at Plant With Purpose started using Loomly as their main social media management platform in 2021. Since then, the non-profit has seen an increase in website traffic, visitors, and supporters as the organization has doubled in size.

Read on to learn how Plant With Purpose uses Loomly as their non-profit social media management tool.

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Can you introduce yourself and provide a quick overview of your organization?

“Hi, I am Philippe Lazaro. I am the Communications Manager and Storyteller for Plant with Purpose. We are an international Christian non-profit organization. We work in nine countries around the world and our main purpose is to transform lives by restoring ecosystems and helping local communities overcome poverty. We do this by planting trees, and by forming purpose groups where members can meet, save money, and work together for the good of ecosystems and communities."

How did Loomly help you solve your biggest challenges and pain points with managing social media?

“The system we were using before Loomly was a bunch of folders saved to a hard drive, with graphics for social media and a Google Sheet with all the copy and slots for us to input our analytics.

“It was an extremely manual system and needless to say, a lot of times the ball would get dropped with posting content on time or being consistent about it. There was no automation, it was just reliant on having someone, mostly me, go in there every day as part of my routine and posting to all of our different channels. That definitely wasn’t sustainable and would not be doable today due to the size of our organization.

Thankfully, we no longer have to use such an ad hoc system [after switching to Loomly]. Monitoring and seeing what works well has also become important as the social media landscape has changed so much. And I don’t think we would have been able to do so effectively based on that old system."

💡Loomly Tip: Use Labels to effectively manage and track campaigns including reporting on post performance.

What is your favorite Loomly feature and how has it helped you achieve success?  

“My favorite Loomly feature is how easy it is to custom-tailor each post for the appropriate social media platform. And to select which ones because not every post is going to be meant for every platform. 

"I do like how [Loomly] allows you to make edits to make sure that you’re under the character count for one site and using hashtags in the right way for another. Being able to do this in a way that’s just super clean and straightforward saves a ton of time.

"Every social media platform is a little bit different in how people use it. It also reflects very different demographics. As an organization, we have such a wide diversity of supporters in terms of age and background.

This information is reflected in Loomly such as who is following us on our different social platforms. And being able to take this information and adjust our content saves us a great amount of time."

💡Loomly Tip: One of our fan-favorite features is our built-in image and video editor, Loomly Studio. With Loomly Studio, you can adjust your visual assets right from the app to ensure your media fits the specific aspect ratios of each social media channel.

Are there any positive or measurable results that you’ve achieved since using Loomly?

“We started using Loomly about three years ago and in that amount of time, our organization has doubled in size. That happened for a lot of reasons, but Loomly has definitely played a big part in it.

"One thing we’ve seen is a big uptick in web traffic and web visitors. No doubt a lot of that is coming in because people are seeing things on our social media and then following that up with visits to our site. We’ve seen our profile as an organization grow rapidly, and we've seen invitations to conferences — opportunities to participate in big events like the COP 28 Climate Summit — take off.

That growth in our profile is reflected by a lot more interest in our presence on social media. And Loomly has made it easy to monitor it, maintain it, and continue building on top of what we’ve done."

💡Loomly Tip: Loomly’s Advanced Analytics gives you a full view of your social media metrics in real-time. From individual post performance to overall account health, you can find all the metrics you need to make predictions and adjust your social media strategy for optimal results.

Ready to try Loomly?

Learn more about Plant With Purpose and its mission by visiting their website. You can also find them on social media: 

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