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Loomly Success Stories: Sipindipity, LLC

Loomly case study - Sipindipity

Success Stories

06 May 2024 • 2 min read •

Rene Cheng

In this Loomly Success Story, we interviewed Angel Holmes, the Founder and Owner Sipindipity, LLC., a social media content and coaching business based in Mt Pleasant, South Carolina.Sipindipity is dedicated to empowering busy entrepreneurs by providing user-friendly social media templates and effective marketing strategies. Their mission is to help clients save valuable time, energy, and resources while propelling brands to new heights.

Since October 2023, Angel has leveraged Loomly to enhance Sipindipity's social media presence, resulting in substantial growth and engagement. Read on to learn more about Sipindipity’s story.

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Can you introduce yourself and provide a quick overview of your business or organization?

“Hi, I'm Angel Holmes, and I am Founder and Owner of Sipindipity, LLC. At Sipindipity LLC., we help busy entrepreneurs save time, energy, and money with easy-to-use social media templates as well as marketing strategies to really take your brand to the next level.”

How did Loomly help you solve your biggest challenges and pain points with managing social media?

“I have used a lot of different scheduling platforms and I love Loomly because one, it's really easy to use and it covers every single social media platform I am using, which is wonderful.

It's easy to use for our partners to go on there, to approve things, to look at things, to strategize, also to respond to comments.

It's just a one-house shop for everything I need to do for social media, which is great and just makes it really convenient."

💡Loomly Tip: Loomly seamlessly integrates with the most popular social media platforms, ensuring comprehensive coverage for your brand's online presence. Plus, we integrate with Zapier, giving you additional access to thousands of other platforms. Loomly also provides a suite of collaborative tools to streamline your content creation process and keep your team efficient.

What is your favorite Loomly feature and how has it helped you achieve success?   

“What I really love doing is once I have all my content in, being able to see what it looks like on the various social media platforms. I love that it corrects me, I love that it recommends things, I love that it suggests different things, and gives me hashtags.

"It's just so great just to be able to visualize things before I'm actually doing them, which has been really nice.”

💡 Loomly Tip: Our Post Builder streamlines content creation with real-time previews and offers guidance with post optimization tips. Plus, get hashtag suggestions and store frequently used tags in Loomly’s Hashtag Manager.

Are there any positive or measurable results that you’ve achieved since using Loomly?

I am all about saving time and Loomly has been a time saver for me. Just being able to schedule things so far to really look at it, go back, change things, and keep it all in one place."

“Before I was using Loomly, I had to use various [social media schedulers] because nothing had all the different social media platforms in one place. So it's really nice to have it all together."

"I'm not even using it to its full extent. I know there's so many other features that I can't wait to really dive into and see all the different things it does, but so far it's been wonderful and really saved me a lot of time.”

What is one hidden gem or unique tip you’ve discovered while using Loomly that you think would benefit other customers?

“[Loomly's] post idea section as soon as you open up to do a new post is really cool.

"I was like, ‘What am I going to share today? What kind of ideas does it have for me?’

"And one of them was so good and they always typically have really good ones — things I wouldn't necessarily think about. So I love that feature and I think it's really wonderful.”


💡 Loomly Tip: Our Post Ideas feature provides an entire year’s worth of fun events and special holidays to keep your content relevant and fresh. Beat writer's block by tapping into this invaluable resource whenever you need inspiration!

Wrap up

Check out Angel’s website if you’re interested in learning more about Sipindipity. Alternatively, you can also find her on social media: 

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