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Loomly Success Stories: That Was Fun

That Was Fun

Success Stories

06 May 2024 • 4 min read •

Rene Cheng

In this Loomly Success Story, we interviewed Lauren Doral, the Host and Creator of That Was Fun, a street interview video show that captures uplifting exchanges between strangers on the street. 

Lauren's passion for bringing smiles through videos began in her youth. Years later, she pursued a career in network TV and eventually founded "That Was Fun." Initially relying on only Facebook to share her content, Lauren expanded her social media horizons after discovering Loomly. 

After diversifying her social media presence onto other platforms, she saw remarkable growth in both content engagement and account following, specifically on TikTok.

Here’s That Was Fun’s story!

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How did Loomly help you solve your biggest challenges and pain points with managing social media?

“Loomly has been immensely helpful in creating a tool that lets me tackle posting on multiple platforms at once. Prior to using Loomly, I had mostly been just posting on one social media platform. I knew I needed to get content on the [other platforms], but I didn’t want to sit and do it individually. That felt completely overwhelming to me.

Loomly enables me to cater to each platform. I can make a general post, but then I can go to each specific platform and say exactly what I wanted to say, how it’s going to be hashtagged, and how it’s going to be presented even when it goes up. I can fine-tune every aspect of [my posts], and it’s very user-friendly and manageable.

"I love the customizability. I feel like I am greeted with a friendly voice every time I log on to the platform.”

💡Loomly Tip: Loomly's Post Builder allows you to create social media posts in just two easy steps. Create your base content by adding a caption and visuals, then refine and customize each post for specific channels like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn.

What is your favorite Loomly feature and how has it helped you achieve success?

“My favorite feature of Loomly is really the people behind it. I always can get access to some kind of an assist regardless of the day or time when I need one. That voice and friendliness flow through into the platform.

"Whenever I go on it, I don’t feel like I’m just working with some kind of cold, functional computer application. I feel like there’s a human touch and positive energy. It almost feels like there's a cheerleading team behind me saying 'Let’s go, let’s communicate with the masses today. Here’s how we’re going to help you do it.'

"I wouldn't say it is one specific feature. Overall, I feel kind of boosted by the platform and guided through the steps to getting my message out. There are a bunch of features that I don’t even tap into which are amazing, like the graphics. I mostly just use it to get video content out and to communicate with written captions beneath it.

"But overall, I love the usability of [Loomly], the friendly voice. I love that I get sent tips intermittently about new features and how to make the workflow much easier.

I’ve tried other [social media scheduling platforms] before. I don’t like spending a lot of time doing administrative stuff. I would rather be out on the street talking to people for my show. And Loomly makes that process really easy and, dare I say, fun!"

💡Loomly Tip: Loomly extends its celebrated customer service friendliness into the platform with Post Optimization Tips, which ensure your posts look their best before hitting publish.

Are there any positive or measurable results that you’ve achieved since using Loomly?  

“The most measurable result from using Loomly is having a bigger community overall because I am posting to multiple social media platforms every time I put a piece of content out. I put a piece of content out almost daily. Before I [was using Loomly], I was primarily just using Facebook. Now, I am using Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and others.”

“I’ve seen a much greater return on TikTok. I really think without Loomly, I wouldn’t be using it because I don’t like the [native] platform. Loomly enables me to not interact with the platform other than going in there to return comments.

“You can schedule individually on these platforms, but it’s a lot more work. Loomly totally streamlines the process. Now I don’t need to be on my phone or computer at 8 o’clock at night, but I know a post is going out every day at 8 p.m. because of Loomly.

[In terms of ROI], I would say my TikTok community — I wouldn’t have had it. It grows incrementally every time I publish a post, I will bring in a handful of followers. I don’t think that would have been happening without using Loomly."

💡Loomly Tip: To see your social media growth, tap into Loomly’s Advanced Analytics for real-time post and account performance.

What is one hidden gem or unique tip you’ve discovered while using Loomly that you think would benefit other customers?

“The hidden gem I discovered is not an in-platform gem, but it’s just the whole engine overall. The fact that I can ask a question and get a response really quickly by someone who is friendly, knowledgeable, supportive, and will walk me through the process and literally makes themselves available for any concern that I might have.

"I find that indispensable and very unique. I’ve not had that with any other platform where I can quickly get an assist and the assist is always enthusiastic. I feel like the entire team at Loomly is helping me succeed and I’ve not felt that way with any other products.

"It just feels like their main goal is to boost my business, product, and content. I absolutely love that. Any question whatsoever, I can ask. I do have a little bit of a background in this stuff, but by no means is it my profession to computer program.

"I also love that there are tips constantly coming in, videos, and these scheduled [webinars]. I really like how much education is being put forth for the customer. I think it’s the friendliest customer service, and everything that Loomly puts out — the product, the captioning, the text, and the graphics — is just so friendly and uplifting, and I really love that about it. So it’s really helped me feel like a business and like I have the tools I need to make my business grow."

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