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27 TikTok Tips for Success from Social Media Experts

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05 Apr 2023 • 9 min read •

The Loomly Team

TikTok offers marketers an incredible opportunity to reach massive new audiences, but, traditional content won’t work. To build a truly engaged community, you’ll have to entertain, engaging, and/or educate your niche. Follow these TikTok tips for success from social media experts to ensure your content is optimized for TikTok’s users!

Christie Osterhus, Social Media Manager, Loomly

Test everything.

TikTok has evolved from a trendy app to a diverse community of educational and entertaining content. As it continues to evolve, content styles are always in flux, so it’s important to test different kinds of content to see what performs well for your audience.

Start with a few different styles of videos over the course of a few weeks and track their success. Double down on what’s working and stay consistent with your style for 80% of your content, and keep experimenting with the other 20%.

Use keyword-rich captions and hashtags.

TikTok is more than a social media app; it’s also a search engine. It’s important to pack your content with keywords so your product, service, and/or location will be easy to find when users are searching for recommendations. Keywords also help the algorithm categorize your content and push it to people who have already shown interest in those keywords.

Engage with your audience.

Just like any social media platform, TikTok audiences thrive with engagement. Make sure you’re interacting in the comments section, and responding to comments with videos whenever possible. This allows you to dive deeper into a topic, explain more about your business, and ride the coattails of a successful video.

Be a good TikTok citizen.

The TikTok algorithm rewards accounts that are engaged on the app, so make sure that you’re also interacting with other users’ content. Set aside some time to scroll and interact with other creators and businesses within your industry. Not only will this boost your account, but it’s also a great opportunity to see what type of content is trending.

Loomly TikTok Scheduler

Carrie Boswell, Digital Marketing Content Specialist, PLANOLY

Engage with your community.

Aside from consistently posting content, create a strategy for community management. Not only will this increase your engagement but it will in turn build your brand awareness. TikTok brand accounts like DuoLingo, Tinder, and many more comment on other brand accounts and popular creators. You can venture away from the typical brand voice on your other channels and experiment with it on TikTok. For example, many brands lean into Gen Z humor and are more edgy than normal.

Jump on trends fast.

TikTok trends change everyday and it’s important to stay engaged with what’s popular. Dedicate time in your workflow  to research trends and try to jump on them when you see them. For example, if you notice an audio or filter is popping up more and more on your For You Page, then tap the sound and see how many videos are using the audio already. If there are 25,000+ videos using the sound, it’s safe to say it’s trending.

It’s not enough to wait for the trend to migrate to Instagram Reels, you want to find them at the source which in this case is TikTok. Once you find one, figure out how to make it relate to your brand or industry and create it quickly so it’s still relevant to the time you post. Relevancy is key.

Tamara Biljman, Content Marketing Manager, Sendible

Curate your “For You” feed.

It’s easy to overlook this step, but it can make all the difference in beating TikTok’s algorithm. Before diving into your TikTok marketing strategy and posting videos, take some time to curate your own feed.

By curating your For You Page, you can gain valuable insights into your target audience’s preferences, discover niche hashtags to use, connect with content creators for potential collaborations, determine what type of video content to create, take notes on trends, and understand how the TikTok algorithm really works.

It’s a crucial step in optimizing your TikTok marketing strategy. Plus, don’t forget that occasionally exploring recommended videos can expand your interests and knowledge.

Create the perfect mix of hashtags.

We all know that millennials and Gen Z are using social media platforms more and more as search engines for products, reviews, and recommendations. And just like on search engines, SEO is crucial on social media too.

That’s where TikTok hashtags come in, as they act as keywords that help TikTok’s algorithm show your videos to your target audience. So, it’s essential to revamp your TikTok hashtag strategy and expose your account to new audiences. Here are three steps to make sure you’re using the right hashtags:

  1. Check out your competitors: Take a look at the hashtags your competitors are using.
  1. Use a hashtag tool: There are plenty of hashtag tools out there that can automatically scour TikTok for the best hashtags in your industry.
  1. Browse TikTok’s Discover tab: This tab is organized by trending and popular hashtags, so it’ll give you a quick insight into which hashtags are doing well at that particular moment.

And don’t forget the golden rule: mix up your hashtags to include relevant ones that are branded, niched, and trending. But keep it simple with up to five hashtags so you don’t confuse the algorithm. Happy hashtagging!

David Bitton, Co-founder & CMO, Doorloop

Marketing on TikTok in a conventionally professional manner doesn’t work.

TikTok’s user base simply wants to browse through and be amused. Relatable, witty, and endearing content is the kind that succeeds. Don’t be scared to be vulnerable and to have fun when creating content. Consider TikTok trends and attempt to reinterpret them with your brand in mind.

Make use of TikTok’s resources.

Where else can you receive the best TikTok tips and tricks than from its most active users? There are numerous TikTok users who supply a wealth of recommendations you can quickly apply to your marketing initiatives. These suggestions are quite helpful because they are the strategies most of these well-known TikTok experts use to expand their communities and fan bases. Also, they will be the first to know about any new TikTok trends that could benefit your strategy.

Arham Khan, Co-founder, Pixated

Measure your video performance.

There’s only a certain level of relevance you’ll be able to achieve with your content if you don’t keep an eye on the metrics—especially which videos are getting the most engagement.

Fortunately, TikTok provides easy-to-use analytics for businesses to track every element of video performance: video views, profile views and followers count; trending videos, total video posts and individual post analytics; followers’ demographics and activities; and live video views and follower insights. To check out your analytics, just hit the three dots in the top right and find the Analytics tab to explore your stats and metrics.

Create TikTok-specific content.

I’d argue that the most common (and most unnecessary) mistake businesses make when they’re new to TikTok marketing is to post the same content they use on other platforms. Of course, repurposing content is an important tactic in content marketing, but that’s not the same as just replicating it with no consideration for the specifics of the platform. TikTok-specific content has its own unique flair. So begin with shorter videos, no longer than a minute long. These are the most likely to grab the audience’s attention.

Make the most of TikTok’s brand growth tools.

The competition may be fierce, but TikTok does provide a raft of useful resources for brands looking to carve out a lucrative niche. With Trend Discovery you can identify the latest trends and most popular hashtags in the area you’re trying to get a foothold in. Creative Insight helps you produce optimally performing ads, and you can apply some of its insights to your organic videos as well, like optimal video duration and ways to get more impressions. TikTok Tutorials lays out some of the most popular creative techniques employed on the platform, and TikTok Advertising helps you turn your followers into customers through smart ad campaigns.

Will Yang, Head of Growth, Instrumentl

Focus on content that’s relatable and engaging.

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that because TikTok is so visual, it’s all about being able to shoot beautiful videos or create an aesthetic.

I’ve found that the most successful creators are the ones who can get their audience invested in their story—whether that means telling it through text or using video, showing your fans how you’re feeling and what you’re going through.

Be consistent.

If you want to build a following on TikTok, you need to put out new content regularly. The more often your fans see new content from you, the more likely they’ll be excited when they see something new from you in their feed!

Dan Siepen, Founder & Growth Marketer, It’s Fun Doing Marketing

Get inspiration from TikTok’s Creative Center.

This is super helpful to see what the latest trends, music and edits are. On top of that, a big thing with TikTok is getting the hook right. It’s all about doing the first 3 seconds of a new video really well, so curating which videos have great views in your particular category is super helpful when it comes to formulating and briefing new videos to give yourself the best chance of going viral (or at the very least decent view counts).

Posting once or twice a week won’t cut it.

While quality videos matter, this is a quantity game, particularly at the beginning of your journey on TikTok until you find some winning formulas.

Cross-promote to get the most out of your content.

If you’re working with an influencer or specific TikTok creator, you need to get the most ‘bang for your buck’. You need to cross-promote and repurpose your videos across your social channels, website embeds, as well as email marketing. I saw this tip in particular as you may be on the fence in regards to TikTok due to ‘doing another channel’ which is another resource investment. However, if you’re clever about your editing and promotion workflow, it’s worth doing TikTok videos and using the content for other marketing channels and initiatives.”

Barbara Sinkovic, Social Media Specialist, Async Labs

Share practical advice.

Content consumption has been continuously changing and causing difficulties to marketing and social media experts. Users have high standards and appreciate quick, simple, and “real life” content. Whether it’s business or career advice, DIY, life coaching, etc., it’s important to realize that the focus is not actually on the person giving the advice but on the end receiver who might benefit from it.

Don’t look like an ad or commercial.

Whether your primary goal is to use TikTok to sell a certain product or service, you need to be aware that this is firstly an entertainment platform. Your profile account should not look like an ad campaign, no matter the brand. One way to do this is by utilizing user-generated content (UGC), which is very popular on TikTok and delivers authentic content for a brand.

Entertain before you sell.

Any sales representative will tell you that before you make a sale you need to entertain and attract attention from the customer. TikTok not only gives you an opportunity for that but actually expects it. People are primarily on TikTok because of content, storytelling and having fun. If you want to promote and sell your product you need to entertain your audience. This content can be quite fun to create, but also challenging. Competition is high and TikTok users have high standards.

TikTok is special because, among social media platforms, it’s a trendsetter. Every other network is trying to somehow copy the content concept of TikTok (Reels, Shorts, Facebook stories, etc.).

Jon Morgan, CEO, Venture Smarter

Be engaging.

Users can find entertainment and interact with content that speaks to them on the TikTok platform. Your brand should strive to provide authentic and interesting content if it wants to flourish on TikTok. Tell the unique tale of your company and highlight your competitive advantages. To draw in and hold the interest of your audience, use comedy, relatable information, and narrative.

Understand the platform.

Before using TikTok, it’s crucial to understand how it operates because of its own culture. Analyze what works and what doesn’t while watching other creators. Keep an eye out for popular trends, successful content categories, and the platform’s general atmosphere. This will improve your chances of success by assisting you in adapting your content to the platform.

Ashley R. Cummings, Freelance Writer and Chief Marketing Officer, Reading With RIK

Use excellent hooks that play into your customers’ main pain points.

The first is creating content with excellent hooks that play into our target consumers’ main pain point. For our business, Reading With RIK, the main pain point is moms having a hard time getting their kids to read and enjoy reading. Our best performing content has spoken directly to that pain point.

Boost posts to a targeted audience.

Another strategy to help us find the right audience from the get-go is boosting posts. It requires a bit of an investment, but it ensures your content is getting delivered to the right audience.

Edlyn Collanto, B2B Marketing Research Specialist, UpCity

Be authentic.

Brands that provide humorous and entertaining content that appeals to their target audience are successful on the platform. It’s important to convey your brand’s personality and establish a sincere connection with your audience. Use humor, music, and imaginative graphics to draw viewers in and keep them interested.

Work together with other businesses and influencers.

Working together with other brands and influencers is a terrific approach to expanding your audience and fan base. Find influencers and brands who share the same target market and work together to create content that benefits both parties. You can use this to connect with new communities and develop bonds with other platform creators.

UpCity recently conducted a survey regarding the state of TikTok usage in small businesses and found that 86% of SMBs are actively utilizing social media as part of their digital marketing approach.

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