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11 Tools To Supercharge Your Marketing Team Efficiency


02 May 2019 • 6 min read • The Loomly Team

11 Tools To Supercharge Your Marketing Team Efficiency

Productivity tools can transform the way you work and boost your marketing team efficiency.

But, when there are so many to choose from, how do you know which ones are worth your while?

After all:

It is not uncommon to invest time and money into a tool only to find it makes little difference to our team efficiency.

Well, we are about to give you some clarity on the subject.

In this post, you will find 11 battle-tested tools that can supercharge your team productivity, reduce stress and create seamless collaborations.

Let’s get started, shall we?

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1. Front — Your Team’s Inbox, Simplified

Front helps you get in control of your team’s inbox.

Their dashboard puts all of your team’s communications — including emails, texts, and social media chats — in one easy-to-manage place:

11 tools to supercharge your marketing team efficiency front

The ability to assign tasks and tags to each of the communications can help you to build robust workflows and ensure everyone knows what they need to focus on.

Front also gives you the tools to:

  • Collaborate on drafts.
  • Snooze conversations.
  • Write canned responses.
  • Schedule meetings.

To help you create processes, and immediately act on information in your messages, to ensure you have more time to focus on your more important tasks.

If you feel like your inbox is taking up far too much of your team’s time, then we recommend you try Front for free by clicking here.

2. Canva — Quick, Professional-Looking Designs

Canva makes design easy.

They have created a collaborative tool that can be used by people with a wide range of design experience to create stunning visual assets.

11 tools to supercharge your marketing team efficiency canva

Members of your teams can log in to Canva and create:

  • Presentations.
  • Pitch decks.
  • Marketing materials.

All from the same dashboard.

Having the design in one location helps massively with digital asset management because everybody involved knows which version of the file is the most up-to-date.

Canva also has 50,000 free templates made by their in-house designers, so you can get designer-quality visuals without needing to outsource or hire anyone.

If you want to save time, money and resources on design, we recommend you try Canva by clicking the link here.

3. Grammarly — Less Editing, Fewer Errors

Grammarly can save you time and money on editing written documents.

It helps you to identify common grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes in your writing and correct them at the push of a button.

11 tools to supercharge your marketing team efficiency grammarly

Grammarly’s plugin can be used as an extension on:

  • Microsoft Word.
  • Google Docs.
  • Your browser*.

To help you ensure error-free writing, whether you are sending an email, crafting a sales page, or putting together an important presentation.

Grammarly’s built-in AI can also offer suggestions on:

  • Style.
  • Tone.
  • Synonyms.
  • Structure.

To help you improve your writing and ensure you are delivering the right message to your audience.

You will still need to go through and manually edit text, but Grammarly makes the entire process much quicker. You can sign up for their free or premium version by clicking here.

*Icing on the cake: you can use Grammarly with Loomly to improve the copy of your social media posts.

4. Slack — Internal Communication Without The Fuss

Slack takes the confusion (and stress) out of internal communication.

By allowing you to divvy up your conversations into channels, you can create a laser-focused thread for each of your brand’s current needs, issues or areas of focus.

11 tools to supercharge your marketing team efficiency slack

Each channel allows you to share messages and files, and keep all of the communications around a topic in one searchable thread.

At Loomly, we are always developing and improving our brand success platform. This often means working with internal and external team members to get the job done.

Being able to create specific channels, such as:

  • #engineering
  • #customersupport
  • #feedback

That only include the people who need to be privy to that thread — whether that is in-house staff or freelancers — has done wonders for our efficiency in getting projects through to completion.

If you find project-based communication hard to manage, and you want to get everyone on the same page in the same place, then we highly recommend you try Slack for free!

5. ChartMogul — Headache-Free Subscription Analytics

If you run a subscription business, your growth relies on accurate analytics and in-depth customer reporting. This can be a time-consuming, costly and messy process.

That is until ChartMogul came along.

11 tools to supercharge your marketing team efficiency chartmogul

ChartMogul takes the headaches and endless spreadsheets out of:

  • Subscription analytics
  • Cohort monitoring
  • Customer reporting
  • Financial planning

By providing you with real-time, in-depth data about your subscription business and its growth, from their intuitive online reporting suite.

Better still, you do not need to revamp your whole backend to make the suite work: you can integrate with the tools you already have, like Stripe or PayPal.

In the early days of Loomly, we were collecting and cleaning up data manually, fighting against inaccurate data: ChartMogul fixed that problem in a matter of hours, allowing us to focus on data analysis and insight surfacing. We have never looked back.

If you want accurate data, that doesn’t involve losing valuable team members to a black hole of excel spreadsheets, ChartMogul is a worthwhile tool to consider.

6. Loomly — Brand Success Made Easy

Loomly is the world’s first brand success platform.

We make corporate communication simple and easy while giving you the tools you need to create branded content that connects with your audience.

Loomly is built to help your team create efficient marketing workflows that will result in epic content, that aligns with your brand messaging, for the least amount of stress — rather than fighting against messy, inappropriate spreadsheets:

Here is a quick look at some of our customer’s favorite features:

Each of these gives you the time and space you need to ensure your content is not just created efficiently, but that it truly resonates with your target audience.

Start your Loomly 15-day free trial now.

7. — Stress-Free International Scheduling

Many modern-day teams are spread out around the globe.

There are people in Europe and Asia and America and that one digital nomad who is in a new city every other week. This makes scheduling group calls and meetings pretty hard!

Which is where comes in.

11 tools to supercharge your marketing team efficiency allows you to group your team members by their location and time zone. So, when it comes time for scheduling, you can see where and when your team members are.

Best of all? It’s completely free!

8. Notion — Distraction-Free Work

Notion is an all-in-one workspace for your team.

From a productivity standpoint, it allows you to create, write and plan your work in a distraction-free environment. But it also offers a lot more than that.

After writing this section I quit my Evernote subscription and signed up to Notion!

11 tools to supercharge your marketing team efficiency notion

Notion takes the best of many productivity tools and puts them in one beautiful workspace. Your team can create:

  • Notes.
  • To-dos.
  • Lists.
  • Workflows.
  • Documents.

That can all be used by cross-functional teams to work on projects and share ideas whether that is a product roadmap, a media buying strategy or anything complex with multiple team members.

If your team needs a distraction-free environment to improve productivity, without compromising on collaboration and communication, Notion is the best tool on the market right now.

9. 1Password — Secure Access To All Your Tools

You probably have tons of different accounts and tools that your team needs to login to. Each of them with a super-safe password. (Smart move!)

But what you gain in safety you lose in efficiency. It only takes one person to forget their password to put the brakes on a project’s progress.

To combat this, we recommend using 1Password.

11 tools to supercharge your marketing team efficiency 1password

1Password allows you to set up unique and secure passwords for each of your logins, and save them in their encrypted tool. Once set up, you can access all of your tools using a master password.

Meaning you can keep your teams passwords secure, and never have to worry about a lost password slowing down a day’s work.

You can learn more about 1Password here.

10. Invision — Seamless Product Design Workflows

Invision has revolutionized product design.

Their free tool allows you to workflow the design process and collaboratively work together on your new product, update or feature.

11 tools to supercharge your marketing team efficiency invision

Because you can see your designs in action before they are passed on to engineering and released to the customer, you can address issues and work out UX issues ahead of time (an approach that we vouch for at Loomly, since our very own platform allow your marketing team to preview social media posts before they get published).

Better still, the tool is excellent for cross-functional collaboration, as it helps non-designers to contribute to product iterations.

You can include members of all teams — from product management to marketing — to help them get a better understanding of what you and your team are doing.

That is why Invision is used by many of the world’s most forward-thinking companies — like Netflix, Slack, HBO, Amazon, Lyft (and Loomly) — to create memorable user experiences.

In fact, as you are reading these lines, Loomly is being designed and polished with the help of Invision: you can learn more about Invision here.

11: GitHub — Collaborative Code Creation

GitHub is a go-to platform for developers.

It helps teams work together and create code for different projects — both large and small — from one workspace.

11 tools to supercharge your marketing team efficiency github

They have tools for everything from code versioning, through to project management, and anything else a team of developers might need.

Engineers can:

All through the command line and within the GitHub interface.

In fact, at Loomly, we love GitHub so much that we do not only use it for engineering purposes, but also organize some of our non-technical projects (related to customer acquisition & support) through dedicated repositories and tickets.

GitHub can make your entire team more efficient. Find out more right here!

Final Thoughts

Each of these tools has the power to boost your marketing team efficiency through:

  1. Collaboration
  2. Communication
  3. Constructive workflows

And, if you are part of a marketing team that could benefit from having more of each of these, then you will most likely enjoy Loomly.

For 15-days you can get complete access to our brand success platform to see if it could help you improve efficiency, brand messaging and content creation. For free. Start your trial now.

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