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UTM Parameters Definition

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16 Dec 2019 • 1 min read • Austin Shong

UTM Parameters Definition

What are UTM Parameters?

UTM parameters definition: UTM parameters are extensions of URLs that enable marketers to track the source of traffic to a webpage.

UTM parameters work like “tags” on a URL. When a URL containing a parameter is visited, it communicates the visit to an associated analytics tool.

These UTM parameters come in five forms:

  1. Source: where the traffic came from
  2. Medium: the campaign the traffic came from (eg. Facebook ad)
  3. Name: the in-house name of a campaign
  4. Term: the keywords searched to find the URL
  5. Content: the piece of content that drove the traffic

UTM parameters are helpful for content marketers trying to understand their most effective or profitable types of traffic.

For example:

Clicking this link it would tell our Google Analytics account that you visited the Loomly homepage from our marketing dictionary.

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