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Drip Marketing Definition

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12 Nov 2019 • 1 min read • Austin shong

Drip Marketing Definition

What is Drip Marketing?

Drip marketing definition: drip marketing is the process of sending pre-written, automated messages to customers, that are triggered by actions or specific types of behavior.

Drip marketing is typically used in email marketing.

How a consumer joins the mailing list and their subsequent interactions determines the future communications they receive.

Drip marketing relies on “triggers” that are activated by certain interactions with the email they have received. This is typically done with a tracking pixel.

For example…

A female customer joins the Nordstrom mailing list:

  • They join from the womenswear page
  • They are added to Nordstrom’s womenswear segment
  • They later receive an email with a broad “catalog” of products
  • They click to learn more about shoes
  • This triggers the “shoes” marketing campaign
  • The customer’s next email is all about shoes
  • They click to learn about a pair of sneakers on offer
  • The next email contains more discount sneakers

Brands can stop at any point in the process depending on how comprehensive their drip campaign marketing is.

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