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Welcome to the New Loomly

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15 Feb 2024 • 2 min read • Rene cheng

Welcome to the New Loomly

Working in social media is no easy feat. You’re simultaneously asked to be a strategist, writer, designer, data analyst, performer, photographer, and videographer. Plus you have to keep up with the latest trends, platform changes, and your competitors. It’s chaotic. 

We want to be the calm in that chaos, helping you to thrive in an industry that’s always changing (and always on).

Loomly has been around since 2016, and as we’ve grown, we’ve continued to deliver constant value to our customers, all while staying budget-friendly. We move fast, rolling out new features and adapting to the ever-changing world of social media, but we never compromise on quality – and that won’t change. 

Today, we’re excited to unveil a new customer experience right from the beginning. You could say that we’re aiming for love at first site (pun intended 😉).

Welcome to the new Loomly brand and website – your stress-free oasis with an easy-to-use platform that grows with you. 

New loomly logo

Thank you to all of our customers for your support over the years, and for continuing to believe in our product and our team! Or, if you’re new to Loomly and want to make managing social media stress-free, we’ve got a free trial with your name on it!

Read on to learn all about our new look and feel.

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What to expect from Loomly’s new brand

Core to Loomly’s identity is the cat companion, your faithful buddy on those late night editing binges. 

While we were always going to keep the cat as part of our brand identity, we also wanted to lean into the other key aspect of Loomly – the loom. 

In a sea of similar tools, Loomly’s superpower is that we connect to your preferred platforms and ways of communicating, weaving them together in a seamless workflow. We’re closely tied to our customers with responsive customer support and reactive to feature requests. 

Loomly, the easy-to-use social media management platform

So thread is one of the new elements that you’ll see popping up on our new website and our logo. Plus, what cat doesn’t love a ball of yarn? 

The last component of the brand refresh is a host of new colors. Our Loomly green has remained our anchor, but in addition, we wanted to emphasize a lighter, bolder color scheme while still remaining a peaceful presence. 

Expect to see some soothing lavender, a pop of lime, a sunny yellow, a mellow salmon, and a forest green to round out our color palette.

Loomly Library displayed with cat images

Will anything be changing with the platform? 

Other than the new logo and updated color scheme, Loomly isn’t fundamentally changing. We’ll continue to deliver quick turnarounds on launches and enhancements so our customers stay on the cutting edge of social media.

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What’s next

A huge shout out to the entire Loomly team for pulling together to deliver a new website with a refreshed brand within a 3-month period of time. A lot of long nights and countless debates went into this project, and we’re so proud of what we’ve accomplished. 

Stay tuned for a behind-the-scenes article going through all the ins and outs of planning and executing a rebrand with a small team. We’re eager to share everything we learned with you!

Need help? Check out our support articles for more information. If you have more questions or concerns, we’re just a message away.

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