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Introducing: Loomly x Zapier Integration

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18 Feb 2020 • 2 min read •

The Loomly Team

Today, we are thrilled to introduce a brand-new Loomly x Zapier integration.

This is not only a nice upgrade of our Brand Success Platform, which considerably expands the possibilities in terms of workflow customization for your team, by allowing you to connect Loomly to thousands of other popular applications…

It is also an important step on the way to accomplish our vision to become the new standard for marketing collaboration infrastructure.

Read on to learn how you can boost your productivity with this new integration.

Manage all your social media accounts in one place.

Craft, schedule, & auto-post content to all your social channels, then track analytics and manage interactions from a single, easy-to-use dashboard.

About Zapier

Zapier is an online automation platform that allows you to connect all the apps you already use, with no programming knowledge required:

Loomly zapier connection

Zapier allows you to connect Loomly with thousands of apps, including Google Calendar, Dropbox, WordPress, Shopify, Harvest, and Pocket — to name a few.

How you ask?

Through an endless combination of Triggerswhen this happens in this app — and Actionsthen that happens in that other app —you can create the exact workflows you need and turbocharge your productivity.

Loomly Triggers & Actions Available In Zapier

The following Loomly Triggers & Actions are already available within Zapier:

  • Triggers AKA “when this happens in Loomly, then something else should happen in another app”:
    • New Post Created
    • Post Edited
    • Post Assignment Updated
    • Post State Updated
    • Post Publish Successful
    • Post Publish Required
    • Post Publish Failed
    • New Comment Left on Post
    • Item Added to Library
    • New Invite Sent To Collaborator
    • New Custom Post Idea Created
    • New Quick Post Created
  • Actions AKA “when something happens in another app, then this should happen in Loomly”:
    • Create Custom Post Idea
    • Create Quick Post

Clever Uses Of Zapier With Loomly

When it comes to what you can do with Loomly and Zapier, the sky is the limit.

Just to give you an idea what is possible, we have created some Zap Templates to cover some of the most frequent workflow requests we had received from you so far, as well as the use cases we thought you would enjoy:

Excited to unlock the power of Loomly & Zapier?

Follow the guide.

Getting Started With Loomly & Zapier

1. Login to your Loomly account (or sign up for a new account):

Loomly x Zapier Integration Login To Loomly

2. Head over to Zapier and login to your existing account or signup for a new account:

Zapier Social Media

3. Click on My Apps to connect Loomly to Zapier:

Automate Social Media

4. Click on Connect new account and search for Loomly:

Automate Loomly Social Media

5. Authorize Zapier to connect to Loomly:

Loomly x Zapier Integration OAuth Page

6. Upon successful authentication, you will be redirected to Zapier:

  • Click on Create Zap to create your first Zap from scratch:

Loomly and Zapier Integration

  • Alternatively, select any Zap Template available on the Loomly Integration page:

Loomly x Zapier Integration Use Zap Template

7. The Zapier Editor will walk you step by step to set up your Zap:

Loomly and Zapier Integration

8. Set your Zap live, seat back, and enjoy:

Loomly x Zapier Integration Turn Zap On

A Big Thank You

Once again, our Engineer Ben has made a miracle, building this Loomly x Zapier integration from the ground up: a large round of applause goes to him.

As always, we would like to thank you all, our beloved users & customers, for your enthusiasm and your trust: we imagined, built and launched this integration for you. Thanks to you.

Last but not least, we are grateful to the entire Zapier Team — in particular Wade & Beth — for their support through this process: you guys are fantastic.

More exciting Loomly updates are coming up: stay tuned.


The Loomly Team.

Loomly is the Brand Success Platform that allows your team to streamline their workflow, now with thousands of other popular apps through Zapier: start your 15-day free trial now.
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